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The Beauty of a Woman - v. Angelina

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Welcome, welcome to xx_heaven.
I am nidalina, and I will be your conductor for this evening.
Er, that is to say I am the maintainer of the community.
And magicwondershow helps, too.
This is actually a sister community to fangirl_heaven, which she maintains
(and I help, too!), and which is primarily a haven for photos of men.
So we're even, I guess.

This community is, quite simply, for those who appreciate the beauty of women.
Or maybe it's an excuse for me to drool over pictures of hotttt gurlz.
So if you like to look at (or share your own) pictures of women, this is
the place for it. And it's for you, so don't worry about who I like or
don't like or anything like that. If you find Cate Blanchett (first person I thought of, shush)
beautiful (and I do), then post pictures of Cate Blanchett! Anyone you like is faaaabulous.

Alas, as this is a public community, there are a few guidelines.

And here they are:

1. This community values diversity of opinion, objects of admiration, and the people
who choose to join the community. Therefore, absolutely no negative posts, comments, or commentary
will be accepted. This is your FIRST AND LAST WARNING! Anything that is disrespectful
of community members or those being discussed in posts will result in your banishment from the community.
End of story.
Everyone has preferences, including age, appearance, background, etc. Please be respectful.
If you don't care for a particular person, then don't click on the lj cuts to see pictures. Simple as that.

2. Please state clearly in your title or post the subject of your picspam. This reduces
peoples' frustrations when they're clicking on links, waiting to load, only to find that they don't
find that person particularly attractive. It's just easier for everyone if you specify
who is featured in your post.

3. If you're posting icons, blends, or other graphic art that you did NOT make, CREDIT THE MAKER!
If you post real-life pictures that you did NOT take, CREDIT THE OWNER! (This refers to pictures
taken at premieres, events, etc with a camera - not scans or obvious mass-media pictures found online.)

4. NO HOTLINKING WHATSOEVER! It makes people angry, and it's just not nice.
Please host yourself - Photobucket is great for this, and free.
If you absolutely can't host it yourself for some reason, let me know, and I may be able to work something out.

5. Please place all pictures and icons behind a cut. I know that other communities allow pictures under a
certain size outside of a cut, but I'd prefer if they weren't as it messes up friends pages and whatnot.
Also, if you're cross-posting, please say so.

6. Please state VERY CLEARLY if you are including femmeslash in your picspam.
This is a Slash Friendly Community, meaning that it is perfectly acceptable.
However, since others may not care for femmeslash, please be considerate.

7. Just because femmeslash is acceptable does NOT mean that NC-17, pornography, or other 'mature'
forms of picspam are. They are NOT. This is your FIRST AND LAST WARNING!
Anything that is beyond the scope of an R rating (and I hope by now everyone in the community knows
what that means; if not, ask!) will result in your banishment from the community.

8. Posting art is perfectly acceptable. Your own art, or art you find on the internet or anywhere else.
All I ask is that you credit the artist or website where you found it.

9. I don't mind if you promote your community, as long as you don't
post, like, a bajillion entries about it. One, maybe. Two, I won't be bothered.
But that's it, really. I'm cool as long as you don't overdo it.
Oh, and if your comm doesn't relate to this one, um.. don't. You know, like
if you have a comm about cooking or something. It just doesn't make any sense.

10. If you'd like to affiliate with us, just leave a comment on the most recent
entry in the comm and I'll let you know. I'll probably say yes, so no worries.
In a rare case, I might say no, but I can't think of an example of one just now. Meh.

And, ahh.. that's it, I think. For now, anyway.
Thanks very much, and I hope you enjoy xx_heaven.



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